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-Healing during the 4th Trimester

-Understanding your pelvic floor and core-

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Holding space for you to fully claim this massive transition into parenthood so you feel capable, resilient, loved and strong.

I am here to give you the practice, knowledge and support you need to claim your body, mind, and soul with unabashed self love and acceptance.

My dreams, passions and drive all surround one common theme -

Welcome to Birthing Yoga & Holistic Healing

"I really do feel an overall sense of calm and gratitude from yoga that I did not feel before."

Thank you for all the ways [you] helped to prepare me,

On an individual level I offer the tools and resources necessary to tap into your already-in-existence badass and most capable self. Then we put it all into manageable practices so that you are not just surviving the early years of parenthood, but thriving.
By continuously working with birthing folk and connecting with local care facilities, I am intentionally working to be a cog in the wheel of generational  birth work transformation.

Our healthcare system doesn't currently support post partum birth folk anywhere near how it should. We're  helping to change that.

My mission is three fold -

"...and in no small way thanks to the flexibility, strength, and mental training I gained from your yoga [teachings]."

We had the beautiful unmedicated birth of our dreams

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