"and in no small way thanks to the flexibility, strength, and mental training I gained from your yoga."

We had the beautiful unmedicated birth of our dreams

"Mikka is a phenomenal teacher. I was blown away by her ability to [recognize] some of the problems with my poses over zoom."

Highly highly recommend!

"Mikka is teaching me the how and important why of proper core and pelvic engagement to further my yoga practice and avoid reinjury"

..THANK YOU for preparing me so well for labor and delivery
(and motherhood more broadly).

"I really do feel an overall sense of calm and gratitude from yoga that I did not feel before."

"I especially like Mikka's Pelvic Floor and Core Strengthening [work]. I've learned so much!"

She's knowledgeable, enthusiastic and so supportive!

"I ended up using a lot of the mantra and breath work from your yoga class during labor."

Thank you for teaching such an awesome prenatal yoga class

"The midwife told me after that it's likely I would have had to get a C section had I not been so active during my pregnancy and in touch with my body."

I thrive off  human connection and helping people realize their worth and magical powers (oh yes, you have them).

I have been active in mentoring and teaching since I was a teenager.

My name is Mikka Bonel and I am the founder of Birthing Yoga and Holistic Healing.

This means you have support from the time you start with me (anywhere from conception to postpartum) through your postpartum phase (a phase hard to define linearly as some birth folk feel they have not healed still in their 60's!).

My programs are not meant to be a quick fix solution but a holistic approach that truly set you up for the rest of your life.  

Creating community and getting proper postpartum care is one of the highest ranking issues birthing folk bring up postpartum. 

My invitation is for you to lean on others (including me!), to meet yourself where you are at judgement free and connect with a deeper sense of self. I would love to join your awesome community so you can be nourished, loved and supported. 

What sets my programs apart from others is my dedication to holding space for you through your entire perinatal time. 

Om Shanti shanti shanti


I am a certified Post partum Ayurvedic Doula. Along with my 200hr yoga certification, I have 200 hrs of training in pre/postnatal yoga, I am a certified Pelvic Floor Yoga teacher and certified in 150 hours of Yoga Therapeutic training including hands on trigger point work. I have training in massage and bodywork.

I have several hours of other specialized training (including the history of yoga and trauma informed teaching). I am a yoga education and physiology geek with the library to prove it!

I have completed a Birthing from Within ‚ÄúTeaching workshops'' course in birth education and am constantly continuing my education. 


Have questions? Please reach out!