Birth isn't just about your baby being born
It's about your rebirth as well

Here's what you'll get: 

Education on how our body works and the mind body connection

A curated Program that is catered specifically to you

Classic yoga practices including Asana, Meditation, pranayama and self care routines

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Balancing these four principles are my focus when creating relationships with my clients. Always with a healthy dose of levity and humor. My teachings weave together yoga therapuetics, Breathe work and Meditation. I also work with clients struggling to recover emotionally from a traumatic birth experience

Private Sessions

Strengthen. Soften. Breathe. Connect.

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Tracked progress so you see your shifts and your actions are intentional

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Together we will focus on the 4 pillars of care-

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Yoga-meditation, breathwork, gentle movement and self care routines

Here's what you'll get: 

Postpartum care is the number one thing mamas talk to me about wishing they had more knowledge and support around.

The first 42 days after labor is an incredible opportunity to invest in the rest of your life

I myself was not physically nor mentally prepared for the roller coaster of emotions and physical turbulence that came my way. 

That is a huge part of why I got into this work.

In nearly any other culture the first 6 weeks after giving birth is recognized as an integral time for the birth person's community to support the birth person to heal and rest while their body and mind are, in essence, reborn. 

Postnatal Ayurvedic Doula Program

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Nourishment- (organic, freshly cooked meals, herbs, teas and oils that are all targeted to support your digestive health and body healing

Bodywork- (abhangya massage, baths and belly binding) 

Rest. Rest, REST...did I say rest :)? I support you with light household duties so that you can optimize your resting time

So many benefits from pre/postnatal massage!: 

Mood elevator - Helps with Anxiety and/or depression. Touch can help release hormones such as Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine 

Endorphin release helps significantly with pain management 

Reduced sciatic pain

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On my massage table, I am very aware that it is not my touch that allows tissue to soften.
It is your trust in me and your own body that tells the muscles that it’s safe to release.
It is the connection you make with your breathe and your body that creates spaciousness for knots to unravel
And that is what is so exciting about massage bodywork. It’s communication and it’s dialogue. It is NOT about forcing the body, mindlessly unaware that you could be doing more harm than good.

*Prenatal/Postnatal Sessions

"touch signals safety and trust...[It] calms cardiovascular stress. It activates the body’s vagus nerve, which is intimately involved with our compassionate response." DAcher Keltner

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Reduced muscular discomfort

Reduced insomnia and fatigue by promoting a relaxation and sleep

Reduced swelling of hands, feet and ankles

Improved circulation and reduction of toxins in the lymphatic and circulatory system

Improved flexibility and range of motion by releasing tight muscles

*I do not use the words  "Massage therapist" because I am not a licensed Massage Therapist. I have had extensive training in physiology, the mind body connection, trigger point work and other massage modalities. Feel very free to reach out with any questions or concerns

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“Thank you so much…Felt great after the massage last weekend”
-Katharina F. 

“Just to say thanks for today. It was wonderful!!!!”  -Kathryn M.

 “(I) look forward to your healing hands!”
-Kimberely M.

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